Rental of Exhibition stands for the Racing Pigeon Olympiad 2022 is in progress

Dear friends of pigeon sports,

The rental of the exhibition stands for the Racing Pigeon Olympiad 2022 is in progress!
The exhibitors started to book their desired place, so they can display their products during the event.
Hurry up and book a place, they’re selling fast! The deadline is April 30, 2022.
You can place an order by accessing this link: .

Step 1 is to create an account. Step 2 is choosing the hall (A, B, C, D), the desired size and location.
After that, there are 3 options:
• Classic exhibition stand (we provide you the structure and the basic electrical connection)
• Own exhibition stand
• Possibility to order the exhibition stand from a romanian supplier (we will put you in touch with our supplier)

Finally you can also choose accessories or utilities and that’s it! Do not forget to click on “Save” button and you will have a short summary of your order.

Take advantage of this great opportunity to expose your products and pigeons at the most important event in the world!

Good luck!

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