The 37th Olympiad of Racing Pigeons, a fabulous and full of surprises event

With less than four months until the opening of the event, the preparations for the Racing Pigeon Olympiad, by far the most important moment in the history of romanian pigeon fanciers, are in full swing. Thus, for three days, between 12th-14th August, Oradea will undoubtedly be the capital of world pigeon fanciers, and the organizers want the event to live up to everyone’s expectations. For this reason, for the first time in the history of this gala, the award ceremony of the Racing Pigeon Olympiad, scheduled for Friday evening, 12th August, will take place outdoor. So, the long-awaited event by breeders from all over the world will be organized right in the “heart” of Oradea, in “Piata Unirii”, a sensational location, full of history.

“Being such a special event, which comes after an extremely complicated period for all of us, we want this year’s edition to be an unforgettable one for all pigeon fanciers in the country, but also for our guests from abroad. That is why we decided, for the first time in the history of the Racing Pigeon 0lympiad, to organize the evening dedicated to the champions in a special place, such as the center of Oradea, one of the most beautiful places in Romania, “said Marius Tunduc, FNCPR President .

However, the surprises don’t stop here, so the guests will have many memorable moments. During the break between the two parts of the awards ceremony, there will be an Racing Pigeon Olympic auction of some representative pigeons for the romanian pigeon fanciers. In addition, at the end of this fabulous event, the famous Andra, one of the most popular voices in the music industry in our country, will take the stage.

That’s why the Racing Pigeon Olympiad is, without a doubt, an event not to be missed!

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