The Racing Pigeon Olympiad promoted at the National Racing Pigeon Exhibition of Romania

On Saturday, April 16th, at the “Olimpia” Sports Hall in Ploiesti, it was the “meeting point” of breeders and pigeon lovers from all over the country – the National Racing Pigeon Exhibition of Romania.

All those present had the opportunity to admire the champion pigeons that are part of Romania’s Racing Pigeon Olympic team. A raffle with attractive prizes was also organized.

As in previous editions, the latest news on nutrition and medication were exposed. Famous breeders from our country were present, but also presidents of European federations, such as Hungary and Germany.

At the National Racing Pigeon Exhibition of Romania, the visitors could find pigeons and products for sale.

On this occasion, we promoted the Racing Pigeon Olympiad, we informed visitors and invited them to attend this great event. They could purchase personalized t-shirts with the logo of the Racing Pigeon Olympiad. Each one received a flyer with informations and brochures with Oradea, the host city of the event that will take place between August 12-14.

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