“Oradea Arena”, the place of the Racing Pigeon Exhibition, an investment of 30 million Euros

On Wednesday, April 20, the grand inauguration of the „Oradea Arena” took place, the hall where the exhibition of olympic pigeons and the sale of pigeon products will take place during the Racing Pigeon Olympiad.
„Oradea Arena” was inaugurated with the basketball game named “All Star Game”, which also included a concert. Expected by many citizens of Oradea, the event was highly appreciated by the large public. Among the guests was the Prime Minister of Romania, Mr. Nicolae-Ionel Ciuca.
The hall impressed all participants with its special architecture, high-performance facilities that meet international standards, generous space, the hall being certainly one of the most beautiful and well equipped halls in Romania.
We look forward to seeing you all, between August 12th-14th here in Oradea, to kick off a dream event, the long-awaited Racing Pigeon Olympiad.

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