Corsarul Restaurant in Oradea, exceptional food, impeccable service

Mediterranean cuisine & Pizza, for those who want a unique culinary experience and an incursion into the gastronomic culture, led by Chef Eugen. Corsarul Restaurant, which was opened in 2006, was relocated to a new space in Oradea Fortress, and in 2020, although it was a pandemic, he rented a space next door to open …

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Have you ever felt a desire to move and live in a city, right after visiting it? That is what most people feel after visiting Oradea even just for a couple of days. Some are captivated by the 900 years old history; others are attracted to the warm weather or feel charmed by the harmony …

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Oradea, a vibrant city

Discover a friendly, welcoming, and vibrant city! Oradea will surprise you with a stunning architectural mix. 89 ArtNouveau buildings are harmoniously displayed across the city, among secession, baroque and medieval Stelar-bastioned style monuments. But Oradea is way beyond ArtNouveau. It is a blooming city, a place of wellness and wellbeing, a paradise of thermal waters …

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