Rivo Restaurant, a dream place

For those who like good food, wines and beautiful locations, we recommend you to visit Rivo Restaurant in Oradea.


The dishes that make up the RIVO menu combines basic components from the Mediterranean and Continental cuisine, with small Asian influences. We keep an increased interest in the freshness, but also the origin of the ingredients. We want, at the end of the RIVO experience, to perfectly combine fresh dishes cooked correctly with a unique atmosphere offered by the location of the restaurant.

We come to support all our guests by offering them the opportunity to taste a business lunch or a calm diner, on the suspended terrace or in the outdoor garden. You can delight with bartending services and various cocktails at the bar, but you can always have the chance to grab a snack. You can serve a delicious dish in the restaurant, accompanied by a glass of special wine, or you can relax in the outdoor garden equipped with canopies.

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