Versele-Laga, sponsor of the Racing Pigeon Olympiad

We are presenting you one of the sponsors of the Racing Pigeon Olympiad – Versele-Laga company, one of our supporters whom we thank for joining us in organizing the biggest racing pigeon event in the world.

For decades Versele-Laga has been a concept in international pigeon racing. We offer the general public a wide range of products for pigeon racing: from premium pigeon feeds to supplements, vitamins, natural products and even medications specifically registered for pigeons. Products that have all been developed by a team of specialised nutritionists, vets and top pigeon fanciers.

Over the years, pigeon racing has developed into a semi-professional hobby where nothing can be left to chance to compete at the highest level. Many champions worldwide rely on our know-how and expertise to achieve the most exceptional successes.

At the Versele-Laga, you will find valuable knowledge and exclusive testimonials of some of those champions. All of these are provided with the necessary explanations and tips in detail for clear understanding. In short, the ideal guide to becoming a champion.

The Versele-Laga champions will show you the way to make your dreams come true:
If you can dream it, you can do it!”.

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