The “fever” of the Oradea Racing pigeons Olympiad includes the entire racing pigeons world!

There is only one month left until the opening of the largest event that ever existed in the history of racing pigeons sport in Romania, the 37th edition of the Racing pigeons Olympiad, an edition that the National Pigeon Fanciers Union of Romania “COLUMBA” managed to organize on the territory of our country. This important and unique event will take place in Oradea between August 12-14, 2022. The opening of the Racing Pigeon Olympiad will take place outdoor, in an extremely festive setting, on the morning of Friday, August 12, in the front of the Polyvalent Hall Oradea Arena. Summer offers the organizers the chance to create a unique moment, an Olympic racing pigeon fancier wekeend like never before. Pigeon fanciers from all over the world are invited, and representatives from over 28 countries have already announced their presence at the event. It is expected that more than 10,000 enthusiasts fanciers from all over the world will be present at this grand event. Therefore, Romanian pigeon fanciers, regardless of which Federation they belong to, are invited all to participate and support this hobby in our country, in Oradea, on the weekend of August 12-13. It is a unique chance for pigeon fanciers to get to know each other, to find out new things and, why not, to make beautiful friends with fanciers from the country or from abroad. August being the month of holidays, many will have the opportunity to spend, with the whole family, some memorable days in the beautiful city of Oradea.

A fairytale weekend for pigeon fanciers

In the middle of the square will be placed a huge stage where on Friday night the 2019-2020 + 2020-2021 Racing Pigeon Olympic Lottery Awards and the World Best Pigeon Awards 2019, 2020, 2021 will take place, and at the end of the premieres, somewhere around midnight, on stage will perform Andra, a famous artist in Romania and abroad, who will give a truly spectacular concert. Here we will meet the two Racing Pigeon Olympic teams, pigeons of inestimable value, which will represent Romania at this edition. The pigeons will be brought to Oradea since Wednesday afternoon, on August 10. The pigeons present at the Olympics will appear in the catalog with Racing Pigeon Olympic results, a catalog that will be printed on Thursday.
So, this is the first time in the 75-year history of the Racing Pigeon Olympics that such a summer premiere has been held. That is why it is a moment that should not be missed by any pigeon fancier. In front of the huge stage, there will be several hundred seats, but the square is surrounded by various terraces, bars, which will also have chairs and tables where participants can attend the entire event. Then, in the first part of Saturday, the One Race Loft trophies will be awarded: the World Championship, the FCI Grand Prix Championship and others. The pigeon exhibition will be hosted in the new Oradea Multipurpose Hall, in Traian Blajovici Street. It is a new, very beautiful construction, inaugurated in April 2022. Also here will be organized a fair at which will be present companies that sell food, supplements and medicines, but also pigeon fanciers with pigeons for sale. However, fanciers will have many beautiful events. We are referring to seminars with famous guests such as Wim Muller, Etienne Meirlaen and many others, raffles with hundreds of prizes consisting of equipment, pigeon products, pigeons or the grand prize – a state-of-the-art Geraldy pigeon transport trailer. Pipa will also be present with a big organized auction, as it has never been before in our country. On Saturday evening, the Friendship Banquet will take place, a farewell party to celebrate, together, the event and the pigeon fancier. It will be a special evening, full of music for all tastes and a festive atmosphere.

The Racing Pigeon Olympic teams – the pride of the Romanian pigeon fancier

And, we will also present, here, both Olympic racing pigeons teams created by pigeon fanciers from this country, birds that you will be able to admire in Oradea, on August 13th!2019-2020 Racing Pigeon Olympic team 2020-2021 Racing Pigeon Olympic team

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