3, 2, 1 ….. Start for the stand orders for the Racing Pigeons Olympiad

Dear friends of pigeon sports,

The most important and long-awaited pigeon fancier event in the world is about to take place. The 37th Edition of the Racing Pigeon Olympiad will take place between 12 – 14th August 2022 in Oradea, Romania.

We launched today the registration system for those who want to rent stands during Racing Pigeon Olympiad. Interested persons have the opportunity to register as exhibitors so they can display their products during the event.

The registration can be done in an easy way, following the steps, accessing this link: https://www.racingpigeonsolimpiad.com/shop/.
So, the first step is to create an account (here you have to fill in the required fields with e-mail address, password, name, phone number etc …, but do not forget to agree with PRIVACY POLICY – GDPR, in order to go further).

The next step is to choose the area where you want the stand to be located (A, B, C, D), the desired size and location.
After that, there are 3 stand options:

  • Possibility of a classic stand, for a fee (the price is displayed on the site)
  • Possibility to come with your own stand
  • Possibility to order the stand from a supplier in Romania (you will be contacted by the one we work with, and you will establish all the details)

Finally, after choosing the area, size and location of the stand, you can also choose accessories or utilities (you can choose from the existing categories exactly the products you want and add them to the cart – do not forget to click on “Save” button).

At the top right, there is a section named “My orders”, where you will have a short summary of the order, with the related price.

Finally, we will return to you with the invoice and you will have 5 days to pay and return to us with proof of payment.

Thank you!

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